I’m not quite sure why the word “perfect” exists, unless it is to torture human beings.  By definition, “perfect” can never occur.  In gymnastics, competitors are happy with a 9 point something, as they already have learned, as children, that the 10 is not really possible.  But to get close to a ten, or close to perfect, by working hours often every day of the week, is great.  At the elite level, the entire scoring system has been changed, simply because the bar has been raised, and perfection needs to be made more elusive.

However, for some reason, the rest of the population seems to feel that they are falling short if they are not “perfect”.  For many, a day, a trip, or an experience that is less than “perfect” is awful.  Those who struggle with depression tend to have even more of a battle with the “perfect” bug.  They often feel that those without depression lead a happy existence 24/7.  Thus, reaching “perfection” regarding their mood is ever more difficult.  No one is happy 24/7.

I am much more comfortable with “self-actualization”.  This I can wrap my head around.  Self-actualization is, by definition, something none of us will ever reach, but something for which we can strive.  It has to do with bettering ourselves, whatever that may mean for who we are personally.  There is no unknown “perfect” out there – a previously defined yet unknown construct that requires unfulfilled scrambling and angst throughout the lifetime.  The only thing I plan on scrambling today are eggs.  I am sure they will be a little too browned in places.  They will not be perfect, but that’s ok.  They will taste good enough.