Evaluation of mood, anxiety, or other problem the child is having.

Evaluation of the severity of the problem.

Neuropsychological evaluation may lead to therapy sessions to help with strategies or cognitive issues uncovered by the testing.

Therapy sessions: Goals are initially set, so that we all know what we are working toward. In therapy sessions, I often teach tools to work toward the goals, and better manage the anxiety, depression, or other issue. Obviously, sessions for children and adults with Autism will differ from therapy for a different problem. If appropriate, therapy sessions may be integrated into behavior sessions.

I also conduct sessions to help with memory skills, organization, and other cognitive  strategies to help with the particular area of difficulty that has been targeted with the neuropsychological evaluation.


I am in the process of writing a book that includes strategies I have developed and often use with patients. This particular book, Funk to Fabulous in Fourteen Days, is targeted more toward teens and adults. It is fun-filled, but gives useful strategies on how to reduce worry and be happier! You can sign up to be notified when this book is ready to go!