Behavior Management

Evaluation of Behavior

Evaluating behavior includes answering questions such as:

Is my child’s behavior typical for boys or girls of the same age?

Are there other less obvious problems possibly driving the behavioral issue?

Treatment of Behavior

I work on both behavior management and behavior modification of behavioral problems. I have developed my own behavior management program The Three Golden Rules. While having foster children with behavioral issues in my home, I quickly realized that there was no user-friendly behavior program on the market that both managed various behavior problems AND fit in with day to day life. So, I developed one! I started off teaching the program in two different sessions. When the demand became too great, I began teaching small groups, and then seminars. Finally, I put one of the seminars on DVDs.  You can watch the DVDs and immediately begin putting the tools from the Three Golden Rules to use.

In behavior management sessions, we use the tools from the Three Golden Rules along with specialized modification plans for particular behavior problems that the child is having. In weekly sessions, I typically see the parents for the first part of the session, and the child for the remainder of the session.