Many times if there is an issue with brain function, there is an issue with behavior.  Children who have developmental problems often have learning problems as they are not able to express themselves.  Those who do not express themselves well often act out.  Children with ADHD are impulsive and hyperactive.  Individuals with brain injury often have significant behavioral issues as they struggle to fit back into daily life.  I have developed a behavior management plan which is quite successful with individuals of various ages and problems, even within the same household.  I previously kept foster children in my home, and found it necessary to manage many different behavior problems successfully at the same time.  This led to the development of my behavior management and modification program the “Three Golden Rules”.  I also give presentations based on this program to parent groups, schools, pre-schools and daycares, and foster parent groups.  I offer foster parent continuing education regarding behavior management of the children in their home.