I have years of experience in children’s therapy services.  Treatment can consist of cognitive training which focuses on teaching concepts in special ways to children with cognitive or developmental problems.  I have had many children with Autism do very well with teaching them concepts they are lacking by using something on which they are focused at the time.  I have even used “Transformers” to teach size, shape and color – as well as social skills!  Sometimes diet is an area that must be emphasized with a child.  Children who experience tactile sensitivities will often not eat many foods.Orlando Child Therapy

Often therapy with children may focus on anxiety or depression.  Children do not often behave as adults with anxiety and depression.  Sometimes, they act out in negative ways behaviorally.  This is where the evaluation component is helpful – to aid in finding out if the child’s problem is because of a behavioral disorder or possibly depression, for example.

Psychologist have different ways they may approach a patient.  This is their theoretical orientation.  You have probably seen people lying on a couch in some movies being with a psychiatrist behind them taking notes.  Psychoanalysis is usually portrayed in this manner.  There are many different theoretical approaches to psychotherapy.  One theoretical orientation which appears to be helpful in counseling mood disorders such as depression in adults is cognitive behavioral therapy.  In cognitive behavioral therapy, the psychologist works in finding and changing negative thoughts that the person being treated may have.  Homework is many times given so that the person can practice his or her new techniques.