My approach to Neuropsychology may be different than another Neuropsychologist you have visited or heard about.  A big emphasis for me with Neuropsychological evaluation is looking at strengths.  Many times with certain situations it is easy to see the weaknesses.  What is much more difficult sometimes is to see the strengths.  I also have a background in rehabilitation, which is possibly the reason that I view Neuropsychological evaluation as not only a way to figure out what is going wrong and diagnose, but also a way to help make things better! orlando neuropsychologist

I also give many suggestions at the end of the Neuropsychological reports.  The results of testing give me many ideas that can be used to help with schoolwork or daily life.  If someone is a student, the suggestions can even be used for an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in school if this is needed.

In regard to education, neuropsychological evaluations can be used for school age as well as college age students.  I evaluate many students who are in college.  I recently evaluated a student who went from failing grades to straight A’s and graduated with a finance degree after receiving recommendations stemming from his neuropsychological evaluation.  Universities, especially publicly funded, have a disabled student services.  If a neuropsychological evaluation is on file, certain accommodations can be made.  These can include changes with scheduling to additional time in taking tests.  I also include many specific recommendations on the evaluations for college students so that the college can make accommodations for that student.

I have also conducted Neuropsychological evaluations for students who are being home schooled.  Sometimes home schooled students have special learning needs.  I have had several parents who home school come to me almost immediately after the evaluation and say that the parent’s teaching and the child’s learning have already improved.

I am often asked about the ages of the people it is possible to evaluate.  I begin evaluating infants at one month of age for developmental appropriateness.  If an infant was premature, if there was a problem with delivery, or if there appears to be a problem, a neuropsychological evaluation may be indicated.