Research suggests that intervention in the classroom improves academics for students with learning problems and ADHD, but that 2 out of 3 with ADHD receive no classroom management. It is incredible to me that over 66% of children do not receive the education that they need and deserve!

To get a child services in the school, I start with evaluating the child. While an educational evaluation usually looks only at intelligence and achievement, a neuropsychological evaluation tests other areas of thinking. Areas tested on a neuropsychological evaluation can include attention/concentration, visual and verbal memory, and more, which are often a part of the whole learning process.

As a result of neuropsychological evaluation, I can provide a definitive diagnosis, (ADHD, learning disability, etc.), specify deficit areas (attention/concentration, memory, specific learning area, etc.), and make appropriate recommendations. With my report, the parent can then pursue accommodations that the child needs on a 504 Plan or IEP.