Growing up in Daytona Beach, I am all too aware that almost every spring break someone does something really impulsive and tragic, like trying to jump off of a balcony into a pool. Impulsivity is when a person does something without thinking the action through.  It involves “THINK – immediately DO”.  It’s that sort of thing that when you are asked, “What were you thinking?” or say to yourself “What was I thinking?” you can’t really answer.  If someone is being impulsive, that person does not go through the decision making process, which includes:

PProcess Information – What is actually happening right now?

O:  Weigh the Options – What are the different choices I have?

J:  Make a Judgment – Which is the best choice to pick?

EExecute a decision – I’m going to do this choice.

The consequences of some impulsive decisions in life are lasting. Not all impulsive decisions are as extreme as jumping off of a balcony at spring break. However, making even small impulsive decisions can still wreak havoc with your daily life. If you have ADHD, you probably have more problems with impulsivity.  Having a tendency to make impulsive decisions can happen to you if you are an adult, or a high school or college student on spring break.

Think about impulsive decisions while you are on spring break. Slow down and go through your POJE the next time a decision presents itself!