Identifying A Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses in School:  Reaching Potential


Warning signs that your child has learning issues can be as obvious as the child sitting up late at night crying while trying to do homework, or as subtle as watching a “disorganized” child “not apply” himself.  The child may seem “smart” but just not be achieving up to his or her potential.  Seeming lazy, being disorganized, arguing about doing homework, receiving poor grades, and “not working hard enough” are also warning signs.  These scenarios and more can be symptoms of learning issues.

Sadly, when the signs are more subtle, the problems often are not diagnosed until late high school, when failing college, or even worse, never.  Knowing if your child has a learning “glitch”, and specifically what kind, can get her the much needed help appropriate to her problem, and can be life-changing. Even if a child is very good at many subjects in school, or seems “smart”, there can sometimes be small issues that can cause big problems when it comes to school and grades.

Dr. Wetherby, through a customized evaluation, can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your child. Functional recommendations will be made in a follow-up visit that will outline what your child will need for success.


To Get Started

  1. Call Dr. Wetherby’s office – 407-781-4588
  2. Make an appointment for an initial interview – set aside 1 1/2 hours for this first meeting
  3. Mention FACEBOOK10 for 10% off first appointment
  4. Fill out paperwork prior to first appointment
  5. Discuss with Dr. Wetherby at the end of the initial interview the evaluation plan appropriate for your child
  6. Set up the evaluation appointment if needed
  7. Have your child evaluated by Dr. Wetherby
  8. Parents come to the free feedback appointment after tests scored to learn results, any diagnoses, and suggestions to be used in school.