There are always times in people’s lives, everyone has experienced it, where you’re going through a really hard time – and you just need to find some strength. It’s what my daddy used to call “intestinal fortitude.” It’ll get you through a lot. You’ve got to find an area that in some way helps you feel strong and helps to inspire you. When my mother was in her 20s, she lived in Europe, away from her family, and was horribly homesick. She always said that she would look up into the mountains, and think about the Bible verse that had to do with looking to the mountains and finding strength from the Lord. No matter where you find your strength – it doesn’t matter if it is from religion – it doesn’t matter whether it’s from coming up and just hugging a Redwood; wherever you find your strength, you’ve got to get that intestinal fortitude going and move on! And remember – It’s all good, and if it’s not, we’re gonna make it that way! Hang in there☺