Once you have decided that you may need neuropsychological services how do you find a good neuropsychologist? Here are some tips that may make your search easier.

Ask if the evaluation will help break down the reasons for struggling with reading, math or learning that can then be used to help generate educational recommendations.  For example, what may appear to be a “reading comprehension” problem can actually be a problem with memory for what the child reads and his ability to concentrate on the material.

Look for a neuropsychologist that is willing to receive your input, and then sit with you after the evaluation is complete and explain the results of each test, what they mean when they are put together, as well as any diagnoses and recommendations.

Will there be functional recommendations based on the evaluation?  Having the evaluation is helpful but it doesn’t do you much good if you don’t know the next steps to take.

Ask if they offer “wrap-around” services.  Can they work on learning, memory or academic strategies, social skills, behavior management, and counseling? After all, once they have done the evaluation that neuropsychologist then really knows what’s going on with your kid!

Do they have specialized training in Neuropsychology and experience?  Upon completion of their Ph.D. program, specific training and an internship are completed in Neuropsychology. This covers the basics.  It can also be helpful to know how many years they have been practicing in the field.

Similar to deciding on a psychologist or counselor, you want to feel comfortable with the person that you will be working with.  Asking the questions above should help you with your search for a good neuropsychologist.