Did you know that many kids who have ADHD also have fine motor dexterity problems that show up on neuropsychological testing?  This is linked to problems with handwriting, especially cursive, or when the child has to write quickly.handwriting-problems Unfortunately, this is never discovered on kids who are diagnosed without proper testing. They end up with frustrated parents and teachers, and of course the child doesn’t feel good about him or herself.  So many parents I see feel guilty when they discover that the child’s “sloppy” handwriting issue is actually a neurologic issue which the child isn’t able to change on his or her own.  Accommodations I often suggest for this problem include not having the child copy from the board, and reducing written assignments, as well as others.  There are strategies that can be used to also help the problem in some cases.  I am often asked why it is important to be evaluated comprehensively with a neuropsychological evaluation if there may be a problem with attention/concentration and ADHD (or the old “ADD”, now referred to correctly as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Predominantly Inattentive Type), and this is one of many issues which can be revealed.